COVID guidelines for safety currently prevent us from in-person, indoor meetings, therefore, we have moved to the ZOOM platform. We know this won’t be the same and might be difficult for some. For others, where travel has prevented them from attending in the past, the online meeting might be easier. We hope you’ll join us for this new ONLINE manner of meeting as we continue to share with each other the challenges of recovery and welcome new folks affected by Brain Aneurysms. Specific meeting information will be posted on our Facebook page including planned speakers and info on how to REGISTER to participate either by internet video or by phone.

The Maine Brain Aneurysm Support Group offers information, education, encouragement and understanding to all individuals who have been affected by a brain aneurysm.

Survivors, family members, caregivers and anyone interested are welcome to attend. The meetings will provide information and education on a variety of topics relating to the treatment and recovery process for both survivors and caregivers. At each meeting, we have a guest speaker that gives short presentations and then open the floor for discussion.

The meetings also provide an opportunity for reassurance and personal exchange between survivors and caregivers.

Please be aware that these meetings are not held to offer specific medical advice, but to provide peer support and education. This is a great place for you to meet and share with others who have been through similar experiences.

Join Us:

DAY: Last Thursday of each month
TIME: 6:00-7:30 P.M.
LOCATION: Dana Health Education Center (see specific location above)
Maine Medical Center, 22 Bramhall St. Portland, ME

Support Group Location

For more info contact Dave McCausland at:

Are you a CAREGIVER or FAMILY MEMBER of someone who has suffered from a brain aneurysm? Please read: Ten things Brain Aneurysm Survivors would like family and friends to know.

Topic Schedule: Last Thurs. of each month

  • 12/03/20: ZOOM ONLINE - Nikki Busmanis, Maine 211 & Survivor Concerns
  • 10/29/20: ZOOM ONLINE - Open Forum & Survivor Concerns
  • 09/24/20: Campfire Meeting - Survivor concerns
  • 08/27/20: Open Forum - Survivor concerns
  • 07/30/20: Open Forum - Survivor concerns
  • 06/25/20: Reactivation Social Gathering - Open Forum
  • 05/28/20: MEETING CANCELLED (Covid19 Compliance)
  • 04/30/20: MEETING CANCELLED (Covid19 Compliance)
  • 03/26/20: MEETING CANCELLED (Covid19 Compliance)
  • 02/28/20: Open Forum - Survivor concerns
  • 01/30/20: Gretchen Schoenfield, PhD - Psychological Aspects of Brain Injury
  • 12/26/19: NO MEETING due to Christmas holiday
  • 12/12/19: Holiday Social, Torilla Flats, Portland
  • 11/28/19: NO MEETING due to Thanksgiving holiday
  • 10/31/19: NO MEETING due to Halloween
  • 09/26/19: Open Forum - Survivor concerns
  • 08/29/19: Cory Hall, Neurologic Physical Therapist
  • 07/25/19: Open Forum - Survivor concerns
  • 06/27/19: Dr. Robert Ecker - MMC Neurosurgeon
  • 05/30/19: Open Forum - Welcome New Families
  • 04/25/19: Open Forum - Survivor concerns
  • 03/28/19: Personal Trainer - Tia Parady
  • 02/28/19: Open Forum - Welcome New Families
  • 01/31/19: Dr. Susan Williams, Neuroendovascular Surgeon
  • 12/27/18: NO MEETING due to Christmas holiday
  • 12/13/18: Holiday Social, Torilla Flats, Portland
  • 11/29/18: NO MEETING due to Thanksgiving holiday
  • 10/25/18: Sarah Gaffney - Brain Injury Association
  • 09/27/18: Open Forum - Introduction to new families
  • 08/30/18: Open Forum on survivor concerns
  • 07/26/18: Three Therapists - Managing Everyday Life
  • 06/28/18: Open Forum on survivor concerns
  • 05/31/18: Liz Korabek-Emerson - Mindfullness Instructor
  • 04/26/18: Open Forum on survivor concerns
  • 03/29/18: TED Talk Video: "A Stroke of Insight"
  • 02/22/18: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 01/25/18: Memory Strategies - Dr. Heather McClelland.
  • 12/14/17: Holiday Social, Tortilla Flats, Portland.
  • 11/23/17: Thanksgiving - NO MEETING due to holiday
  • 10/26/17: Neurologic Music Therapy - Kate Beever, Neurologic Music Therapist
  • 9/28/17: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 9/9/17: KAT-Walk & Karo-5K for Brain Aneurysm Awareness - Back Cove, Portland
  • 8/31/17: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 7/27/17: "Emotional and Personality Changes including Grieving, Denial, Anger, Frustration & Depression" - Dr. Mark Kiefner, Neuropsychologist, MMC
  • 6/29/17: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 5/25/17: "Updates in Brain Aneurysm Treatments" - Dr. Robert Ecker, Maine Medical Partners Neurosurgery
  • 4/27/17: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 3/30/17: "Rehabilitation after Brain Aneurysm Rupture" - Dr. Thomas Savadove, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, MMC
  • 2/23/17: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 1/26/17: "Ruptured Brain Aneurysms & ICU" - Dr. David Seder, Director of Neurocritical Care, MMC
  • 12/8/16: Holiday Social - Tortilla Flats, Portland
  • 11/24/16: Thanksgiving - NO MEETING due to holiday
  • 10/29/16: Sarah Gaffney from BIA and Open Forum
  • 9/29/16: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 9/17/16: KAT-Walk & Karo-5k for Brain Aneurysm Awareness - Back Cove, Portland
  • 8/25/16: Jason Crigler - special presentation in auditorium at Dana Center, MMC
  • 7/28/16: View film "Life, Support, Music" - AVM Survivor Story
  • 6/23/16: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 5/26/16: Pipeline Embolization treatment for brain aneurysm - Dr. Chris Baker
  • 4/28/16: Open Forum for discussion
  • 3/31/16: "Healing, Hope, and Empathy on the Road to Recovery” - Dr. Mark Kiefner, Neuropsychologist
  • 2/25/16: Open Forum on survivor concerns.
  • 1/28/16: Open group discussion around the topic “10 Things Brain Aneurysm Survivors Would like Family and Friends to Know”.
  • 12/10/15: Holiday Social
  • 10/29/15: Yoga to Relieve Anxiety & Stress - Sara Perry
  • 9/24/15: Open Forum for discussion
  • 8/27/15: Changes in Personality after Aneurysm - Dr. Thomas Miller
  • 7/30/15: Open Forum for discussion
  • 6/25/15: Memory Strategies - Dr. Alex Hoyt
  • 5/28/15: Open Forum for discussion
  • 4/29/15: Advancements in Aneurysm Treatments – Dr. Robert Ecker
  • 3/28/15: Open forum for discussion
  • 2/26/15: Headaches-Dr. Paul Muscat
  • 1/29/15: Meet Dr. Matthew Sanborn from Maine Medical Partners Neurosurgery

  • 11/27/14: NO MEETING due to Holiday
  • 10/30/14: Coping and Grief-Dr. Howard Kunin
  • 9/25/14: Headache & Meds Research- Elizabth Glisic, Pharm. D.
  • 8/28/14: Healthy Living- Dr. Syed Kazmi
  • 7/25/14: SAH and the ICU- Dr. David Seder
  • 6/27/14: Headaches - Dr. Paul Muscat
  • 5/30/14: Memory Strategies - Dr. Heather McClelland
  • 3/28/14: New Technology in Aneurysm Treatment – Dr. Robert Ecker
  • 2/28/14: Presentation by Brain Aneurysm Foundation & formation of group

Reasons to Attend

  • If you have been recently diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and are now facing treatment.
  • If you are frightened, and want to better understand your condition.
  • If you are a concerned family member who wants to support a relative who has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.
  • If you suffered a sudden hemorrhage from a brain aneurysm, underwent treatment, and are going through the recovery process.
  • If a loved one has passed away from a hemorrhaged brain aneurysm, and you want more information about this illness.


This group is being sponsored by Maine Medical Parteners: Neurosurgery & Spine and Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness, organizers of the annual KAT-Walk & Karo-5K for Brain Aneurysm Awareness, Portland, Maine

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