2016 Research Grant

We are pleased and proud to announce the 4th annual

“KAT-Walk & Karo-5K Research Grant for 2016”

was presented to Dr. Robert Ecker, Medical Director of Maine Medical Center’s Neurosciences Institute at the Brain Aneurysm Awareness event on September 17, 2016.

Dr. Robert EckerDr. Ecker has been conducting groundbreaking research on understanding and treating brain aneurysms. These research projects have yielded promising results and he is now ready to develop manuscripts to submit the results for publication in medical journals. These publications will report on three critically important studies:

1) The use of flow diversion to treat partially thrombosed basilar artery aneurysm.
2) Techniques used at Maine Medical Center to reconstruct complex cervical carotid disease.
3) Results of a study in collaboration with Washington Hospital Center in the use of heparin in the guide catheter to treat unruptured cerebral aneurysms.

SIGNIFICANCE: In the world of biomedical research, publishing research results is critically important to move science forward, identify the most promising ideas, rigorously test them in large clinical studies, and, finally, implement well-tested new treatments broadly in the clinical arena. The sharing of the research results – both successes and failures -- is key for the scientific community to learn of new data, assess what has worked and what has not worked, and, importantly, to allow other researchers to repeat or build on the published research to verify the results, which is needed to move the research into wider clinical acceptance. Publication is key to the process.

This 2016 Research Grant will support preparation, specific imaging, and publication submission expenses related to Dr. Ecker's research studies, which evaluate the effectiveness of various brain aneurysm treatment methods. Through these publications, physicians who treat brain aneurysms or stroke-related conditions will have increased awareness of the results of the studied treatment methods and can therefore offer patients improved care with well-calculated outcomes.

Thank you to everyone who donates and supports our efforts to increase Brain Aneurysm Awareness and Research. We look forward to continuing to help provide funds for critical Brain Aneurysm research that is being done in Maine and northern New England.

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